Rules to Roll - Roulette Rules and Etiquette

Roulette is the ultimate game if you want to win on a game of chance - considering that you know what rules to follow.

Roulette Rules Part 1: Getting your chips. You must first get your chips from the table's croupier or dealer. He/she will give you a specific set of colors to play, so as to distinguish your bet from the other players.

Betting. The dealer will give some time for all the players in the table to place their bets. The player will know if the moment for betting ends - once the dealer has "closed" the table or swept his hands across the table. From then on the players may no longer place a bet or change the ones they've already made.

Roulette Rules Part 2 Playing with the other players. While playing roulette remember that you are not playing against the player - you are playing to win against the dealer or the "house." No calling out the other players as bad bettors.

The Number of Players. One roulette table can hold and play against eight players simultaneously, that is, all at once in one spin.

Roulette Rules Par 3: There are two landings in the roulette table - the wheel and the marked layout for placing bets. The roulette wheel is numbered from one to thirty six, plus one or two zeroes colored green. The European wheel has one zero and the American wheel has two. The house wins if the ball lands on a zero, so it's better to have just one zero on the table to reduce the house edge.

The marked layout. The numbered layout is where the betting chips are placed before the wheel is spun and the ball is rolled. This is the rule. But usually, the players may still place their bets while the ball is still leaving the track before going to the wheel itself. The dealer will call "No more bets" once the ball is rolling ON the wheel. After the wheel and ball has stopped the dealer places the winning mark on the layout and pays the bets.

Roulette Rules Part 4(The two different roulette rules or varieties in playing roulette): The En Prison Rule. The dealer will specify if you're playing En Prison or La Partage. In en prison, the rule is, your ball can get "imprisoned" if it lands on a zero. Hence, your bet is maintained on the next spin, or, you can just take back your bet.

The La Partage. In La Partage, the rule is the same with En Prison except that, if the ball lands on zero, you lose half of your bet, and are not able to leave it out for another spin.

Knowing these rules will help you avoid certain unethical misunderstandings in the game. Though these roulette rules are fairly easy to learn, it is very important to know all of these before you can play without risking possible embarrassment.

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